Custom Specific Delayline Detectors

Microchannel plate based detector packages with a custom specific delayline anode layout/active detection area, advanced high voltage stability and/or a custom specific mechanical layout for position and time resolved detection of electrons, ions and photons.

They come as complete packages including analouge readout electronics, time-to-digital converter, software package and optional HV power supply for a plug and play installation and operation.

Custom Specific Delayline Detector Packages

We do provide custom specific modifications of our existing standard detectors like mechanical modification or modification of the delayline anode as well as complete new CAD designs fitting to the unique customer specific application.

  • custom specific anode layout (e.g. central hole)
  • advanced high voltage floating stability (up to 15kV)
  • custom specific mechanical layout (e.g. nonstandard flange sizes)

Examples of Custom Specific Delayline Detectors

All detector packages include the following electronic components, depending on custom specific layout.

Amplifier Constant Fraction Discriminator Unit

Fast pulse processing unit for delayline detectors.

  • direct mounting to the signal feedthrough
  • 4x amplifiers
  • 4x constant-fraction-discriminator

Time-to-Digital Converter

Time measuring electronics with FPGA based integrated DLD readout logic.

  • number of stop inputs: 4
  • number of start inputs (reference clock): 1
  • measurement range: 0ns – 40µs in start-stop operation
  • USB3.0 interface for data readout
  • optional inputs/outputs for advanced measurement options
  • optional integrated HV supply

High Voltage Power Supply (optional)

2-channel HV supply for the supply of delayline detectors.

  • 2 HV channels for supply of MCP stack and DLD anode
  • touch display for manual control
  • Ethernet interface for external control
  • external reference input for floating operation of HV supply and detector