Electron Microscope Detectors

Retractable microchannel plate based delayline detectors for position and time resolved detection of electrons with sub-ns time resolution for Transmission Electron Microscopes.

The delayline detectors are mounted on a retraction mechanism in a shielded housing laid out to fit to the standard camera port of most Transmission Electron Microscopes.

All detectors come as complete packages including analogue readout electronics, time-to-digital converter, software package and optional HV power supply for a plug and play installation and operation.

DLD4040-TEM Detector Package

Flange mounted, MCP based single delayline anode detector with 3-fold SHV and 4-fold SMB feedthroughs and cabling for HV supply and pulse decoupling.

  • active area: 40mm in diameter
  • pixel no.: 1200 x 1300
  • time resolution: <= 300ps
  • max. random count rate: >= 5Mcps
  • retractable detector in shielded housing

All detector packages include the following electronic components.

Amplifier Constant Fraction Discriminator Unit

Fast pulse processing unit for delayline detectors.

  • direct mounting to the signal feedthrough
  • 4x amplifiers
  • 4x constant-fraction-discriminator

Time-to-Digital Converter

Time measuring electronics with FPGA based integrated DLD readout logic.

  • number of stop inputs: 4
  • number of start inputs (reference clock): 1
  • measurement range: 0ns – 40µs in start-stop operation
  • USB3.0 interface for data readout
  • optional inputs/outputs for advanced measurement options
  • optional integrated HV supply

High Voltage Power Supply (optional)

2-channel HV supply for the supply of delayline detectors.

  • 2 HV channels for supply of MCP stack and DLD anode
  • touch display for manual control
  • Ethernet interface for external control
  • external reference input for floating operation of HV supply and detector