ReconFlexTM Camera Systems

CMOS Camera Models for Scientific Applications with build-in Single Particle Recognition and Frame Time Correlation in Coordinate Data Streaming. Additional options such as an 14bit ADC (A), an integrated blob recognition algorithm (B) or an integrated super resolution algorithm (S) for fast and time-saving localization microscopy.

ReconFlexTM 1920

With 1933×1456 pixels (2.8MP) and frame rates up to 409fps (@8bit) and 231fps (@12bit). The 1920 Series offers the ideal compromise between high resolution and fast imaging. The low readout noise (<=3e-) makes the camera the perfect tool for scientific applications.

ReconFlexTM 800

The 800 series impresses with its very fast frame rate of up to 1000fps and a resolution of 800×620 pixels (0.5MP). Due to the high dynamic range (80dB) and the low readout noise (<=6e-), the 800 Series is the best choice for fast and low-light experiments and applications such as phosphor screen or YAG crystal screen readout.