Bolt On Time-of-Flight Spectrometer

Upgrade an existing system (e.g. a Scanning Electron Microscope) with an additional Time-of-Flight (ToF) spectrometer for energy filtering of, e.g., secondary electrons. The ToF method provides many energy slices in one shot.

PickUp-ToF Spectrometer

PickUp-ToF (bolt on for CF100, lean entrance). This lean and bolt on Spectrometer can upgrade your existing system (e.g. SEM).

  • front diameter: 8mm
  • acceptance elevation angle: +/-40°
  • time-of-flight energy range: 0eV-50eV
  • time-of-flight tube length: 600mm
  • distance to sample (min./max.): 10mm/40mm
  • µ-metal shielding (depth into chamber): 80mm