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Development and production made in Germany.

Surface Concept has been certified innovation competence

Surface Concept is certified as a company with innovation competence by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and has been awarded the BSZF seal for in house research and development (R&D).

The BSFZ seal is proof of entrepreneurial innovation competence, because the BSFZ only awards the seal to companies that are eligible for funding through the research allowance. They are allowed to do so if the BSFZ confirms that they are conducting research and development.

Extension of ReconFlexTM Camera Series

With the new ReconFlexTM 2400, we are expanding our ReconFlexTM series with a camera with a high pixel count. In addition to the ReconFlexTM 800 and the ReconFlexTM 1920, we can now also offer the ReconFlexTM 2400 with a pixel count of 2400 x 2400 (5.8MP) and a frame rate of up to 192fps in full-frame mode for applications involving fast image capture. 

Like the other two models, the ReconFlexTM 2400 is also available with the blob finder mechanism or the super resolution mechanism and comes with a USB 3 and a GBit LAN interface as standard.

Improved cooling capacity for Time-of-Flight Momentum Microscope Hexapods

In a collaboration with the University of Mainz, Surface Concept has been able to show the significant improvement of the cooling capacity of their improved Hexapod. 

They could show a new lowest temperature of below 9K.  

The Hexapod is a L-He cooled 6-axis sample stage. It enables very precise sample positioning, including rotation and tilt. Each axis is equipped with a position readout. Therefore, the user can store sample positions which can be recalled later on.

Delayline Detectors for Transmission Electron Microscope Applications

Surface Concept developed a retractable microchannel plate based delayline detector especially laid out for the position and time resolved detection of electrons with sub-ns time resolution for Transmission Electron Microscopes.

The delayline detector are mounted on a retraction mechanism in a shielded housing laid out to fit to the standard camera port of most Transmission Electron Microscopes.

The detector has 1600 x 1600 pixel on an active area of 40mm and a time resolution of below 240ps.

All detectors come as complete packages including analogue readout electronics, time-to-digital converter, software package and optional HV power supply for a plug and play installation and operation.